Hands on Metaverse - How to Create New Business Opportunities

Hands on Metaverse - How to Create New Business Opportunities
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March 20, 2024
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM CET

About this webinar

In this session with Cluster Reply, you can explore how to create your own Metaverse environment from scratch using Unity and Agora services. Today, it's possible to join existing metaverse worlds like Roblox, but creating your own can be overwhelming. Explore how you can build your own digital world with a focus on retail or create a digital representation of your own workspace. In a live demo, we will create a world where you can video call, text, and move around freely. This world will cover all the basic functionality of Metaverse, and from there it's up to you how you want to expand your digital space.

Why attend?

The word Metaverse sounds complex and expensive to implement. Learn how you can offer your customers the opportunity to become more immersive and engaging through Metaverse. A world created by your own rules has many use cases in many industries. Creating your own Metaverse environment can have several positive aspects compared to using an already established one:


  • Flexibility: Creating your own Metaverse environment gives you more flexibility and control over the design and functionality of your virtual world. You can create your own rules, physics, and gameplay mechanics that are unique to your environment.
  • Customization: You can customize the look and feel of your Metaverse environment to match your brand, personality, or specific needs. You can design your own assets, characters, and environments to make them more unique and appealing to your audience.
  • Scalability: If you have a large user base, building your own Metaverse environment allows you to scale your platform to meet the needs of your users. You can create more virtual rooms, add more features, and improve the performance of your platform as needed.
  • Monetization: Building your own Metaverse environment can also provide more monetization opportunities than using existing platforms. You can create your own virtual economy, offer unique experiences or items for sale, and control the pricing and distribution of your assets.
  • Ownership: Building your own Metaverse environment gives you ownership and control of your platform. You can set your own rules, policies, and guidelines to ensure that your environment reflects your values and priorities.


Konstantinos Kapsimalis
Cluster Reply

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