How 3D impacts Digital Experience now and tomorrow

How 3D impacts Digital Experience now and tomorrow
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January 27, 2022
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM CET

Possibilities of Product Visualization

Expert interview: How new (web and XR) technologies are changing the possibilities of product visualization:

Today, users expect immersive interaction with physical products in their digital customer journey. This trend is particularly noticeable in automotive configuration, for example, where applications are becoming increasingly complex and visually attractive. In this online session, Sebastian Jahrmarkt, Senior Consultant at Triplesense Reply, discusses different technologies from the areas of web-based 3D, augmented and virtual reality. Best practices are referenced, possible areas of application, requirements and the resulting user experience are discussed. The talk also provides inspiration for your own use cases. 


Session Overview

The example of the automotive industry is used to illustrate the new opportunities and challenges presented by the use of current (web and XR) technologies and how user experience for mass customization products has changed as a result. Join this Reply Webinar with the experts from Triplesense Reply and get 

  • an overview of the (Web and XR) technologies.
  • a demonstration of the related results and possibilities.
  • an inspiration for further or own use cases.


Senior Consultant
Triplesense Reply
Triplesense Reply

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