How DAM fits into a Creative Workflow

How DAM fits into a Creative Workflow
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March 24, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET

Digital Asset Management

Managing and coordinating wildly diverse teams, often with contributors spread across the country and even the world, is a big challenge. How do you centralize your creative process? How do you stay efficient? How do you even stay organized? Who’s responsible for what? Who makes the final decisions? It can be challenging to balance creative flow from the agency with business deadlines. The goal of digital asset management is to save time and avoid problems with your creative workflow, getting projects done without burning out your creative crew and internal team involved in process and approval. Managing creative processes can help teams assign roles more effectively while allowing them to execute tasks with greater precision and excellence. Without effectively implementing methods and tools, we run the risk of falling behind competitively. Many companies are successfully adopting creative workflow management in fields as Branding, Advertising, Marketing & Communication.

Why Attend

The production of a digital deliverable for any type of Communication Campaign is a complex process for any organization. For multinational brands or large organizations it is about coordinating and controlling a series of interactions between different actors such as local and corporate marketing departments, legal divisions, digital agencies. Creative Workflow Management is also known as Brand Creative Tracking Module, which essentially sets up responsibilities, tracks progress, and aids creative team members in managing their time. It gives your creative team members space to channel their ideas and concepts. It also keeps work streamlined with the overall organization of the project throughout a set of simple structures that aim to improve outputs. Brand Creative Tracking Module, built on top of DISCOVERY Enterprise Content Manager, is a solution designed to manage digital branded contents for ATL, BTL/TTL Communication campaigns, providing a comprehensive workspace for managing the life-cycle of advertising media content in a shared and collaborative environment. In this session we will show the features and advantages of adopting a platform for managing processes related to the creative workflow from briefing production, creative ideas collection, storyboards approval, to test, production and final approval of the digital output.

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