How Manufacturing industry leverages EMS technology to optimize Warehouse Management

October 5, 2021
from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM  

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Join us to hear about the new challenges and opportunities offered by an Execution Management System. In this webinar we are going to focus on the Manufacturing industry, showing how to kick-off a project starting from our Value Canvas and analysing a "Warehouse Management" demo on Celonis in order to shed light on how the EMS can help your company.

Why Attend

During the webinar we will show you how organisations can unlock value from their processes by leveraging the EMS and Process Mining platforms, from simple analytics to the execution functionality. Then, we will explainhow the Execution Management System can add value to the Warehouse management process. Since it is important to ensure prompt deliveries to the customer, it is essential to ensure continuous monitoring and minimised waste. With an Execution Management System such as Celonis, we will show how is possible to find and eliminate inefficiencies and errors while empowering the organisation to automatically recognise the root causes of process frictions. 

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