How To Add Data Science Capabilities in Tableau

How To Add Data Science Capabilities in Tableau
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June 8, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

Extending Tableau Dashboards with the Power of the Python Data Science Stack

How Sales and Marketing can benefit from Data Science Capabilities added into Tableau by using the TabPy Framework:

In this session sales and marketing leaders get an understanding of the power of gaining deeper insights from their production and sales data by extending their Tableau dashboards with the power of the Python data science stack. By integrating TabPy in their data analysis flow, business users can access sophisticated predictive models developed in Python, such as neural networks or clustering algorithms, to better understand and validate forecasts, customer trends and buying behavior without deeper programming knowledge.

After an introduction to Data Science for marketing and sales analytics, the capabilities of the TabPy framework from a business perspective are demonstrated through two practical use cases on how to leverage the synergy of Tableau and Python for optimal business decisions.

Webinar Overview

Blue Reply illustrates the possibilities for business users to add the power of machine learning algorithms to Tableau dashboards. Marketing and sales analytics use cases are presented as part of the live demonstrations, giving an overview how Tableau can be upgraded to a Python based analytics and prediction tool. In addition, Data Science affine participants learn how to use TabPy to integrate their own Python models into Tableau to enhance the data-driven decision making of business users. Join this webinar and learn what's happening on Twitter, analyze Tweets, optimize ad campaigns and never miss a conversation of your customers again.

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