How to build a Voice of Customer Program through Clarabridge

How to build a Voice of Customer Program through Clarabridge
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June 25, 2020
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM CEST


The most competitive corporations recognize the importance of analyzing data from customer interaction to understand the customer experience. However companies may not fully understand, how to analyze different types of data. Through a machine learning NPL Engine and a Voice of Customer program, companies can overcome the problem by using text analytics providing highly effective means of customer feedback.Natural language processing allows a more complex and contextual understanding of interactions. Voice of Customer program, includes many steps some of those can be built by Clarabridge, a tool able in listening to all customer data sources, along each customer's interaction and experience. Clabridge, is specialized in assessing of all variation in the text, handling the nuances inside different contexts


During the webinar the attendees will get the chance of:

  • Understand why the Voice of Customer Program and Sentiment Analysis, are important to enhance the User Experience
  • Learn the text analytics tecniques creating meaningful insight with the structure analysis from what customer is saying
  • Discover the dashboard through a real success case history of theTelco e Media market

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