How To Build Smart Customer Care Using NLP

How To Build Smart Customer Care Using NLP
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April 1, 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST


This webinar offered a presentation of several components that Machine Learning Reply have been developed for different customers and a framework that has been designed to take into account all the needs and capabilities required in a NLP—AI based framework for customer support. During the webinar we explained all the building blocks required in order to create smart customer support capable of answering FAQs, connecting to ticketing systems and automatically classifying issues. The presented system comes together with a monitoring platform to assist the operator in looking at recurrent topics, generating new FAQs by letting human feedback be one of the main drivers in shaping the models behind it, without requiring a prior choice on the solution to use.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, as a result of the development of Natural Language Processing algorithms, is paving the way for the rise of smart customer care solutions that can efficiently and automatically manage complaints, resolve issues, and provide meaningful insights into your customers’ behaviour. 


Any client interested in optimizing its customer care system should learn how new technologies and ML models can be used and have a general overview of what is best when it comes to introducing AI into the loop.

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