How to extend brands' digital presence with impactful voice experiences

May 20, 2021
from 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM  

Webinar Overview

We will be talking about the spread of voice interface technology and its business impact. We’ll give an overview of the big players like Amazon, Google and Apple and how they enable Companies to reach their customers in different contexts through smart speakers. Voice is a natural interface but has specific rules. In this webinar, we’ll understand how design is crucial in crafting an effective conversational experience. We’ll also uncover use cases and new approaches to the use of this technology.

Why Attend

In this session Open Reply experts will show you how important voice channels are, in order to have a more direct and conversational interaction with your customers. Voice interfaces offer the huge opportunity to stay closer to your customers and reach them in context where a traditional digital experience cannot work. You’ll also discover the correct design process to exploit the potential of this technology and how to express it in an easy way for your digital services.

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