How to know, speed up and upgrade your Oracle database

How to know, speed up and upgrade your Oracle database
Event Info
October 21, 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

Webinar Overview

How do you know what is happening inside your Oracle database? What are the main causes of unsatisfactory performances? How can you get performances in line with expectations? And what are the features available in the latest releases that can be used to reduce waiting events on the data base? Each database is different, and there is no "silver bullet" applicable to all contexts. In the webinar we will instead present an approach and a methodology for dealing with performance problems, result of the experience gained by Technology Reply database administrators. Particular emphasis will be given to the presentation of successful use cases, and the most common mistakes not to be made. After clarifying the Oracle release lifecycle, we will talk about the main features concerning performances from Oracle 12.2 onwards and we will show how to approach an upgrade project.

Why Attend

Oracle databases are complex systems, in which code, data structures and data are often modified. Performances are a critical point, to be kept under control to avoid business impacts and complaints by the end users. Many applicative and infrastructural factors (network, storage, virtualization, etc.) have an impact on performance and for this reason it is not easy to identify the causes of slowdowns and inefficiencies. In this webinar we will provide some guidelines to approach in the right way the theme of performance. We will also present some of the new features available from Oracle 12.2, highlighting in which situations they are really useful and recommended.

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