How UX Research influences the User Experience: benefits for Users and Companies

April 22, 2021
from 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM  

User Experience Research

The current climate sees a growing need for companies to be increasingly present and effective on digital channels in order to reach their customers and offer experiences that meet their needs. In this webinar we will understand why it is important to invest in properly performing user experience. In this context the UX designer role is essential because it brings the user vision on the project table. User Experience Research is the approach used to acquire knowledge about the user, their habits and needs, which is useful to create solutions that improve the quality of a product or a service. Listening to people is crucial to achieve success.

Why Attend

User Research is the key to designing positive experiences for our users. In this way Companies can accelerate the product development process, cut out redesign costs and increase user satisfaction. In this webinar, the experts from Open Reply will demonstrate to you:

  • The User Centered approach, useful for expanding on project ideas in line with the expectations and real needs of your customers;
  • The importance of investing in User Research and what the advantages are;

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