How mobile Robots promote your Business

How mobile Robots promote your Business
Event Info
June 24, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CEST

Mobile Robotics

Many decision makers are interested in deploying mobile robotics in their businesses. Still, it is not always clear what mobile robots can do, what are their limits, and what is the business return from investing in such technology.

This webinar by Cluster Reply highlights the robotic market in numbers, presents the challenges of leading mobile robotics projects and integrating them in different businesses (such as factories, construction, offshore, hospitals). Furthermore, the experts show use cases of using mobile robots for tasks such digital twin, predictive maintenance, logistic, security, and hazardous work areas.

Webinar overview

This webinar covers the following subjects in mobile robotics:

  • Challenges of setting up mobile robotics in your business.
  • Advantages of deploying mobile robots in different industries.
  • Use cases that show how deploying mobile robots promotes the production and facilitates projects’ management in different sectors.
  • Navigation, digital twin, AI, 360 vision and many more topics are also discussed.

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