HR Analytics Self Service Reporting Portal with Open technologies

HR Analytics Self Service Reporting Portal with Open technologies
Event Info
May 6, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

Webinar Overview

HR applications such as Learning Management or Performance Management systems generate tons of data that HR Managers need to consult and summarize in different ways, tables, graphs, drill downs and so on. The reliance on IT that needs to be rapidly changed and evolved for reporting is sometimes a strong constraint and in many cases a waste of time and money. We have developed a reporting system based on free and open technologies such as Liferay and Jasper Reports that can be used by Business Users to create effective reports quickly, easily and immediately available on a Responsive Reporting Portal. All users, even those without technical skills, can independently create new reports, schedule them and share them with other users through a simple drag & drop feature. Each user can build their own report with a different layout from that of their colleague and choose the preferred export format to receive via email. Furthermore, with this system, more technical users can create complex reports using modular elements that can be reused for different reports, minimizing maintenance effort.

Why Attend

Aktive Reply presents how companies like CNH Industrial save money adopting our Reporting Portal to create and share HR reports without any licenses costs and volumes limitations, and how this platform can be adopted in any other Company's area, outside HR. Furthermore, Aktive Reply explains how to improve the effectiveness of your employees, simply with a personalized report based on their needs, and at the same time how powerful this system is for a technical user. You only need one system for multiple different needs and kinds of users. You will also learn how to combine data from different sources into a single report, how to transform the data before you share it and how to improve times with Elasticsearch.

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