In-Store Hyper-personalization

In-Store Hyper-personalization
Event Info
March 23, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET

About this webinar

There is a Huge demand for Hyper-Personalization in the digital word. What are the impacts for the Physical Store? Today Segmentation is “out” and personalization is “in”. Hyper-personalization involves a deep understanding of each customer leveraging the huge amount of data and information already available aiming to customize product offerings, content and experiences in real time. 

The psychology behind personalization is simple – consumers want to be recognised as individuals. As Human. Consumers are looking for a Human Journey.

Why attend

The gap between digital and Physical engagement is echoed by Hyper-personalization, which is strong online and weak in store. The experience today must be pervasive and immersive throughout the whole customer decision making journey while changing priorities based on the Personas’ eyes.

Talking about Customer or User experience is not enough. We must start talking about a Total experience. During this webinar we will discuss and share the latest trend in the Retail Market seeking to face this inevitable change from a technical, infrastructure and organization point of view. We will introduce the concept of Resilient Change, the winning hand of cards in this new game.

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