Intelligent Lead Generation

Intelligent Lead Generation
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March 25, 2022
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CET

How to use AI to generate qualified Leads

In the consumer goods industry, distributing products and increasing sales are key business drivers. For this, new relevant customers and leads must be generated quickly. The basis for this task is the manufacturer's CRM system, in which existing and potential customers are maintained. In practice, the search for new customers is usually not automated, but carried out manually by the responsible sales staff. This means a considerable amount of work for the sales force, in addition to the already time-consuming daily business. In the gastronomy sector, potential customers for FMCG manufacturers are restaurants, bars or similar venues. In order to contact them, sales representatives need certain information - for example name, address or telephone number. Services such as Google Maps, Google Places or Tripadvisor form a database that is becoming increasingly popular.

Learn from the experts at 4brands Reply how you can use Artificial Intelligence to automate your search process for qualified gastronomy customers. Based on practical use cases, we will show you how to identify potential leads with significantly reduced effort, taking into account sales-relevant criteria of your existing customers. Benefit from the new possibilities of AI-driven lead generation and shape your future customer contacts profitably.

Session Overview

In this webinar, the experts from 4brands Reply use Google Maps to show you how to

  • automatically use external data sources to generate potential leads.
  • explicitly search for groups of leads using pre-filtered attributes.
  • identify qualified leads based on an AI-supported analysis of your existing customer master data.
  • integrate this data in a structured way into your SAP Sales Cloud and update your customer master data.

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