K8s meets Autonomous

K8s meets Autonomous
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June 22, 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST


Kubernetes represents the state of the art platform for scalable microservices and serverless applications. This is really true for stateless applications, but for service-oriented statefull applications there could be some problems in terms of data access, format and general consistency. This is where Oracle Autonomous Database comes in: Automation at data level can ensure consistency for backups and workload optimization as well as poliglot data format. An architecture of that kind can easily be integrated with frameworks like Blockchain in order to build innovative solutions, for example related to insurance and smart contracts.

Why attend?

The webinar begins with a brief introduction which discusses the approach and the paths proposed by RED Reply for the adoption of the cloud both from an infrastructural and software point of view (DEV). We then move on to a description of the Oracle IaaS Cloud Infrastructure and the Red Reply ready architecture for management containers, kubernetes and features devops + monitoring. At the base of the native cloud infrastructure is the Autonomous PaaS which introduces fundamental features for stateless container-based apps, such as polyglotism and data management. On top of cloud nativ infrastructure can be deployed innovative software architectures: microservices. From monolithic software architecture to architecture with microservices, advantages, paradigms etc. The Webinar ends with examples and use case.

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