Kafka for Marketing Campaigns

Kafka for Marketing Campaigns
Event Info
June 3, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CEST

Power up your business decisions in near-real-time

Given the high consumer expectations in the competitive telecommunications market, decisions based on available real-time data improve customer relationships, increase revenue, improve the efficiency of business reporting and maximize operational efficiency.

In this talk, you learn how Data Reply helped their telecommunications customer migrate several slow on-premises DWH ETL jobs to a near-real-time, reliable and maintainable microservice architecture based on Kafka Stream and Kubernetes.

Key topics

Data Reply explains how the new solution enables their customers in the telecommunication sector to receive immediate feedback on their business decisions and marketing campaigns, while reducing the recommendation of new offers for end marketing objectives from three days to near real-time.

Attendees get an overview:

  • How the event-driven architecture solved Data Reply's issues
  • How to orchestrate, deploy and monitor a microservice architecture based on events

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