Leveraging NLP for Business Success: Drive Growth and Innovation with Dataiku

Leveraging NLP for Business Success: Drive Growth and Innovation with Dataiku
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June 22, 2023
5:00 PM - 5:45 PM CEST

With NLP techniques to a greater success

Organizations face a huge amount of unstructured data - images, audio, video, text data, and more. While text data offers quick insights, using it effectively remains a challenge.


Insights from text data are crucial to business success. Analyzing customer feedback, social media, and surveys can help identify preferences, manage brand reputation, and drive innovation. NLP (Natural Language Processing) enables valuable knowledge from text data, including efficient processing, sentiment analysis, and topic modeling. Using text data and NLP helps companies make informed decisions, improve customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage.


The hype around NLP has been growing rapidly, and for good reason. Join this webinar if you're curious about how you can use various NLP techniques to help your business achieve greater success.


Session Overview

In this session, Machine Learning Reply and Dataiku demonstrate how NLP can help extract valuable insights from text data. Use cases and real-world applications are complemented by a demo of an extractive question answering (QA) model, i.e., a model that chooses its answer using the corresponding text itself.

Since developing AI solutions goes hand-in-hand with usability, deployment, design, and more, the benefits of using a platform like Dataiku will also be explained. Dataiku is a software platform that provides end-to-end data science and analytics solutions for organizations.


The experts provide strategies for successfully implementing NLP solutions. Join us as we introduce you to the possibilities of NLP!



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