Marketing Automation with Sitecore

Marketing Automation with Sitecore
Event Info
July 1, 2020
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM CEST


Marketing automation makes it possible to automate simple, repetitive engagement tasks, such as segmenting a customer or sending e-mails, thus allowing human staff to concentrate on aspects with added value. The webinar will illustrate how to create an automation flow to enrich the customer journey of a marketing portal using Sitecore OOB.


Marketing automation can be of great help to a Marketing and Communication Department. It can help increase the efficiency of everyday work, by minimising repetitive actions such as sending e-mails or managing contact lists. It can become a “GO TO” tool, in cases where the number of customers/visitors is large or when the customer engagement path follows multiple funnels. Manual management is not feasible in these scenarios and processes must be automated. Sitecore offers Marketing Automation as an integrated tool in the Experience Platform, benefiting from the integration of all the other tools that are part of the suite (Massive Mailer, Campaign, Personalisation, etc). The adoption of marketing automation solutions is limited in Italy, but it has the potential to bring substantial benefits to the customer and save countless hours of manual work.

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