Measure and Forecast your Sales pipeline in real time

Measure and Forecast your Sales pipeline in real time
Event Info
May 27, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

Webinar Overview

Even in structured and efficient companies, very often the sales function has difficulty obtaining a quick and precise measure of its sales pipeline updates in real time. It very often happens that the very first stages of sales are not tracked in a structured way and you have visibility of a potential or actual sale only in very advanced phases of the pipeline (e.g. offer, order). This webinar will show how, by introducing reliable measures to the current sales pipeline, the possibility of making more reliable and fast forecasts is enabled through the use of an appropriate solution, in order to reflect sudden changes due to business specificities or external factors, in real time.

Why Attend

Succeed in achieving the ability to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the Sales function more accurately and quickly, in order to react accordingly in a timely manner with more quantitative data to support action. Be able to project a sales forecast on a structured and quantitative basis accurately and in real time.

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