Mobile Banking: keep quality (and brand reputation) under control

Mobile Banking: keep quality (and brand reputation) under control
Event Info
March 3, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET

Mobile Banking industry

The Mobile Banking industry is one of a few to keep growing tremendously despite all the challenges the world has faced in 2020. Mobile banking apps have witnessed a boost in popularity, interest and activity picked up significantly amidst the lockdowns and helped users to get by with their financial management tasks. Financial institutions who were able to appropriately respond to this demand were rewarded by increased customer/member loyalty. Following the growing trends, managing customer expectations became one of the most significant challenges of today’s financial institutions. Banking should be accessible to where customers are at any given time, with a unified quality across all devices. Nowadays, Quality is indeed one of the most effective way to create company value.

Why Attend

Join us to hear about the new challenges and opportunities that today’s financial institutions are currently facing, in light of latest Mobile Banking technology innovations and trends. We’ll explore how to leverage smart quality assurance solutions to properly address those needs, and to always keep quality (and brand reputation) under control.

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