Modernizing and Changing Minds at Sky Italia Through APIOps

Modernizing and Changing Minds at Sky Italia Through APIOps
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November 7, 2022
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM CET

About this webinar

In this webinar we’ll explain what API economy is and how it affects businesses. We will cover some API economy benefits and challenges and a use case in the Italian market with Sky Italia.
From AWS to payment services like Stripe, the API Economy has revolutionized the way services are offered to clients and partners.
The API economy value chain exposes a company’s internal assets to its internal users as well as to business partners, third-party developers, or the general public.
We will present a successful case of applying this paradigm to the media industry: Sky Italia will recount their journey involving both a change of mindset and a technology stack.
By leveraging API-led connectivity and Kong Gateway, Sky Italia has been able to reduce lead time to market for new APIs, reduce MTTR, and increase performance.

Why Attend

Mission-critical services where automation, observability and performance are the key points for success, can only be implemented by using a software that can be seamlessly integrated with your CI/CD frameworks, offering unmatched performance and giving meaningful insights on what is happening to you business traffic.
Reply built a solid strategy around the Kong Gateway tool suite to enable its clients to reduce time-to-market, create new business models, and unlock the full potential of the services offered.
In this webinar you will see all of this concepts applied to Europe’s largest media company. Sky Italia and Kong will both be part of the discussion, recounting their journey in the API Economy field.


Pietro Calderara
EMEA Field Partner Director, Kong Inc
Luca Cogliandro
Manager System Support, Sky Italia
Gianmarco Sciortino
Enterprise Architect,
Live Reply
Claudio Spadaccini
Head of Integration,
Sky Italia

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