New Subscription business model: a practical case study of monetization

New Subscription business model: a practical case study of monetization
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May 13, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

About this webinar

Companies in every sector are racing to reshape their businesses and capitalize on the growth potential of the Subscription Economy.

During the webinar Sytel Reply will explain, through real case studies, how to identify the best way to conceptualize, design, build and launch and monetize a complete digital subscription-based business.

Sytel Reply, while introducing the Subscription Economy and the philosophy behind it, will illustrate the main "subscription model offers and catalogues", delving into the differences between Unlimited and Predefined subscription, Freemium or Consumption-based models. We will also focus on the key digital strategies to consider in order to manage the entire life cycle of subscription products and services. Last but not least, we will explore capabilities and features required by technologies platforms in order to support these transformations. 

Why attend

After this webinar, participants will be more aware of the subscription-based model case studies and digital best practice approaches to monetization, offering design and revenue model recognition.

The content of the webinar is relevant both if you're willing to optimize and update an existing subscription-oriented model, applying the latest trends and discoveries in the field, or if you're dealing with an environment that needs to be adapted and shifted to new revenue models.

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