Omnichannels digital sales

Omnichannels digital sales
Event Info
October 28, 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET

Webinar Overview

The evolution of technology and the proliferation of customer touchpoints led the companies to a change of perspective. Omnichannel sales is one of the key concepts of nowadays major industries. Business and tech needs require to be renewed. From a business point of view, selling a product or a service means not only being fast and efficient, but also giving a single entry point to an extended wide range of products. The development of an architectural solution for the omnichannel business platform involves the use of a re-usable component that has to be scalable and interoperable to pursue the final goal: optimizing time to market.

Why Attend

Omnichannel approach has a strategic role in any business sector. Industries must follow Customers in all selling steps moving from a “product centric” orientation to a “customer centric” one. Soon, tech needs are going to bring us to think applications from scratch, and micro-components composition is going to be one of the best approach possibile. In this webinar Sytel Reply gives a look on major microfrontends and microservices approaches for fast and efficient business applications, client-oriented.

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