How Artificial Intelligence is reshaping Retail: one size does not fit all

November 29, 2022
from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM  

About this webinar

How do you leverage Machine Learning algorithms to drive business decisions in the Retail industry? On the one hand, you can analyze product data feeds to optimize product performances, both in terms of sales and replenishment, during the whole life-cycle. On the other hand, you can analyze customer behavior to predict customer preferences and adopt a one-to-one marketing strategy. 

But how do you turn words into facts? During our webinar, we will share our experience on different business cases in the Retail sector, with a particular focus on the challenges we have faced and the quantitative benefits deriving from the solutions we create. 

We'll talk about increasing sales, reducing costs, optimizing prices, increasing retention: and this is just the beginning.

Why attend

Participants will become familiar with a concrete use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Retail processes and hopefully get inspired by some of our success stories.

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