Operational Resilience in Financial Services: Joining the dots in the age of COVID-19

Operational Resilience in Financial Services: Joining the dots in the age of COVID-19
Event Info
October 8, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CEST

Webinar Overview

Operational Resilience is the ability of firms and the financial sector as a whole, to prevent, adapt, respond to, recover and learn from operational disruptions. If Operational Resilience was not yet previously at the forefront of the discussions at the board of directors and senior management levels, Covid-19 accelerated the pace of the discussion.

The supervisory authorities in the UK are well ahead of other countries in the thinking about Operational Resilience. At the end of 2019, the Bank of England, the PRA and the FCA published their joint Consultation Papers on Operational Resilience, with the revised deadline for response extended until 1st October 2020. 

Regulation has an important role to play but actions also need to come from the industry itself. In this context, our webinar has been designed to assist the boards and senior management of financial institutions to better understand the regulatory expectations in relation to Operational Resilience. Likewise, it gives an opportunity to learn from the panel members, raise concerns and ask questions on how to establish an effective Operational Resilience programme in this unprecedented time of change.

Why Attend?

In this webinar, attendees will have the chance to:

  • Gain insights and perspective on Operational Resilience from our key speaker from the Bank of England
  • Understand from industry experts best practice examples and the benefits of implementing effective Operational Resilience programmes, whilst navigating and withstanding the challenges ahead
  • Participate in the panel discussion by addressing questions to our panel members

This webinar promises to be a unique online event, with insightful presentations followed by a Q&A panel discussion with our guest speakers.


15:00 – 15:10 BST (16.00 - 16.10 CEST): Opening Remarks & Presentation from our Practical Guide on Operational Resilience

Karine Marechal, Associate Partner, e*Finance Consulting Reply, UK


15:10 – 15:25 BST (16.10 - 16.25 CEST): Presentation – Perspective on Operational Resilience from one of the policy-makers   

Karen Gutierrez, Divisional Senior Advisor, Bank of England


15:25 – 16:00 BST (16.25 - 17.00 CEST): Panel Discussion and Q&A (moderated by Karine Marechal, e*Finance Consulting Reply)   

Karen Gutierrez, Divisional Senior Advisor, Bank of England

Barry Muir, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer EMEA, State Street Bank

Andrew Rogan, Director Operational Resilience, UK Finance

Hervé Geny, Former Group Head of Internal Audit, London Stock Exchange Group

Yves Dermaux, Senior Advisor and Independent Non-Executive Director


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