Patient Experience & Innovation in Healthcare

December 13, 2021
from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM  

About this webinar

This webinar on Patient Experience & Innovation in healthcare aims at showing all the main DHC Cluster Reply innovative digital solutions relating to patient’s experience and his/her entire journey in healthcare institutions, from the very first touchpoint until check-out, including potential follow-up assistance.

The webinar will also present a detailed description of each solution and how the overall patient journey can be improved.

Why attend

The main benefits of this webinar on Patient Experience & Innovation in healthcare are:

  • To get an overview of the main digital innovative solutions aiming to improve the patient journey currently available on the market;
  • To glean how improving the patient’s journey is beneficial to establish an actual patient-centric organisation;
  • To explore the different touchpoints of the patient’s journey during the entire healthcare process;
  • To pinpoint the ways to correctly monitor, analyse and interpret the patient’s journey data and results.

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