Post Covid-19 World: returning to "normal"? A Round Table with cross-industry professionals

Post Covid-19 World: returning to "normal"? A Round Table with cross-industry professionals
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September 15, 2020
5:30 PM - 6:15 PM CEST

Analytics and Digital Technologies

The pandemic crisis has presented a series of challenges and opportunities for marketing and sales leaders, while it’s unclear what the world will look like in the next future, we can be sure that consumer behaviors and buyer needs have changed. Companies response is pivotal for business success as well for the very survival, but are rapid changes possible? Some challenges won’t be solved overnight, but Analytics and Digital Technologies can help to boost the business transformation with efficiency and effectiveness. Join us on September 15 to discover how experts from different companies have been trying to make the most out of the situation and which opportunities they believe exist in the post pandemic era.

Why attend

MarTech and the application of Data Science methodologies for the development and the implementation of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence solutions enable Business Leaders and their teams to enhance Operations, to better understand their consumers and to optimize the Customer Journey management by orchestrating the full funnel. Find out with us the latest trends across several industries together with quick wins and long-run strategies to success in the very fast-changing landscape. Speakers of the day will show their points of view and practical experiences.

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