Process Mining and RPA - Part II

Process Mining and RPA - Part II
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June 16, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CEST

Demystify IPA

The second webinar of the Intelligent Process Automation journey is all around Process Mining and Robot Process Automation (RPA)/Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). To scale RPA and IPA and take it on a strategic level can be supported by process mining. In this webinar we demonstrate the possibility to scale your company's automation journey - making automation a strategic initiative.

Togehter with their partners BluePrism and SignavioLeadvise Reply and Sprint Reply present a demo of the tools and of the connection between them. In a second step, the experts show you how to manage your digital workforce with Signavio.

Leadvise Reply and Sprint Reply are showcasting a usecase, how this can work in a real project.

Webinar overview

During this webinar, the IPA checklist already explained in the first IPA webinar will be deepened with a concrete use case.

The experts share these main takeaways:

  • Reply approach to make your automation journey a strategic initiative
  • How to scale your RPA/IPA project
  • Usecases and real example case

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