Process Mining: enhance your company's business value

Process Mining: enhance your company's business value
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April 19, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

Process Mining

Currently the business world is facing an “age of disruption”, in which productivity is a key criterion and the expectations around customer experience are constantly growing. One of the core challenges to overcome is operational friction within the business, and, consequently, it is time for organizations to rethink and rebuild themselves. Businesses have been chasing business transformation by focusing on optimizing processes to deliver better performance and free up value, removing their inefficiencies. Pioneers in the space of process improvement have made huge strides, leveraging technologies like Process Mining to unlock value. Execution Management Systems, like Celonis, bring together the analytical and the operational into one intelligent layer — so companies can understand the execution gaps holding them back, and take immediate, automatic action to remove them.

Why Attend

In this webinar, Sprint Reply outlines the new challenges and opportunities offered by an Execution Management System. The Processes are forced to run across a rigid and fragmented technology landscape resulting in execution gaps. Sprint Reply presents EMS and how Process Mining can help organizations to "Measure" your capacity, see how processes really run and identify gaps, "Know" which gaps have the greatest impact and the right course of action to close them and "Act" to remove gaps in real-time and unlock your capacity.


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