Product Lifecycle Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Product Lifecycle Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Event Info
October 5, 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

Product Lifecycle Management

PLM is a strategic approach to managing information, processes and resources to support the life cycle of products and services, from their conception, to development and market launch. Businesses operating in the fashion retail sector, for example, by selling different collections during the year, will face complex product life cycles with many phases closely related to each other and which sometimes overlap. The main objective of PLM tools is to help companies reduce time to market and the administrative costs of product development, and increase the efficiency of managing deadlines and phases of the product life cycles, in order to drive the business to make proactive decisions. PLM management can be considered a very useful tool for supply chain and retail applications adapting to any kind of sector. 

Thus, the main goal of the webinar is to give, especially to fashion companies, the chance to discover an embedded PLM tool available directly in the Dynamics 365 ERP without the need to create further integrations with third party systems.

Why attend

Why is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) considered such a useful tool for companies operating in Fashion? The session hopes to introduce the concept of PLM in Dynamics 365 and provide an overview of the main features of this tool.

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