Push your Field Service to the Next Level with IoT in Retail

Push your Field Service to the Next Level with IoT in Retail
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November 26, 2021
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CET

Connected Shelf boots Field Service Efficiency

When implementing their Perfect Store strategies, Consumer Goods companies use their field sales force on-site at the store to survey the shelf situation. In this process, data collection at the point of sales (PoS) is a very time-consuming process for the field staff. In addition, they do not know the current Perfect Store Score before the data collection is completed, so a shop visit might not have been necessary at all.

Smart shelf technologies in retail stores (e.g. cameras and push feeds) enable a fully automated, continuous shelf monitoring process. On the one hand, the smart shelving is used by retailers to improve on-shelf availability (OSA) of products. On the other hand, it can also increase the efficiency of a CPG manufacturer’s sales force by making making the the process of manual data entry obsolete.

4brands Reply's intelligent Sales Force Automation platform goes one step further and uses the automatically collected data to provide new insights into the development of Perfect Store Scores for individual stores and proposes next visits that promise the best value for achieving sales targets. By integrating an intelligent route planning solution, the experts at 4brands Reply also make a significant contribution to environmental protection for their CPG customers by reducing CO2 emissions.

Why attend?

Join this 4brands Reply session and get insights into the following topics:

  • Get a feel for the added value of smart shelving and how it can increase the efficiency of your sales force.
  • Learn how to provide a new shopper experience enabled by smart shelves.
  • Gain insights into a leading sales force automation platform used primarily in the grocery, drugstore, pet store and DYI sectors.
  • Learn how to increase your sales growth by implementing Perfect Store concepts.

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