Recipient Design: Socio-Linguistics and Speech Interfaces

Recipient Design: Socio-Linguistics and Speech Interfaces
Event Info
November 23, 2023
4:30 PM - 5:00 PM CET

The Practice of Hyperpersonalisation and Conversational Architecture

The synthesis of conversational analysis and NLP / NLU applications (combined with the power of large language models) has immense potential. Forseeably, there are several areas of activity and expertise necessary for the implementation of both visual and conversational interfaces will face radical disruption if not complete obsolescence. These are: the inclusion of emotion AI and sentiment analysis as building blocks of service-driven architectures, the strategy of audience design and, lastly, the documentational development of persona and tonality as static UX “guardrails” and, of course traditional, flow-driven, conversational design.


This webinar will lay the groundwork for a new interpretation of the practice of hyperpersonalisation and an entirely new aspect of conversational architecture: prompt compiling – based on the principles of conversational analysis and recipient design.


Session Overview

Join this session with the Frank Reply experts an gain insights into the concept of Recipient Design:


  • Learn about the sociolinguistic aspects of human speech and possible applications for conversational interfaces.
  • The experts demonstrate that traditional conversational architecture and persona definitions can be enriched by using recipient design.
  • Lastly, our speakers lay the groundwork for the future of hyperpersonalisation and profiling for digital applications.



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Frank Reply
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Frank Reply

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