Regulatory Reporting: Meeting Supervisory Expectations

Regulatory Reporting: Meeting Supervisory Expectations
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April 15, 2020
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CEST


Over the past few years, we have observed a significant increase in regulatory reporting requirements and, more recently, increased supervisory scrutiny both in the Eurozone (by the ECB and national supervisors) and in the UK (by the PRA). This has lead to a number of fines being imposed on financial institutions, Section 166 reviews in prominent firms (in the UK), and remediation plans in large financial institutions (in the Eurozone).

This Webinar drew on lessons learnt from the the work conducted by Avantage Reply across the Eurozone and the UK to highlight some of the more typical pitfalls. It also provided the opportunity to listen to panel members, including preparers and board members in firms based in the Eurozone and the UK; a great opportunity to open Pandora's box in a controlled manner…


In this webinar, attendees got the chance to:

  • Gain an industry-wide view
  • Learn from the industry experts in Europe and the UK on a key topic
  • Benefit from the Q&A and the brainstorming on industry approaches to enhancing the robustness of the regulatory reporting process in a cost efficient way
  • This will be a truly engaging online event, which will cover insightful presentations followed by a Q&A panel discussion with our guest speakers

Avantage Reply organized an interactive session that also touched upon a few handy tips from our Practical Guide on Regulatory Reporting released in March 2020, and to hear key insights from the industry experts in Europe and the UK on this subject.

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