Remote working: keep advantage of Google G Suite in your business activities

May 5, 2020
from 2:30 PM to 3:15 PM  


G Suite is the best solution for remote working, to collaborate inside the company, but why not keep advantage of the same features in day by day business activities, in the outside scenario?

Go Reply and Google discussed how solutions based on G Suite can improve collaborations with customers and suppliers, reduce distance, and allow business activities that are no longer possible in the lockdown period.

Key topics

In this webinar, attendees got the chance to:

  • Discover Reply solutions based on Google Meet and Google Calendar together with the Google Cloud Platform that can be used to digitize enterprise processes like sharing documentations, book meetings in communication through doctor/patient, supplier/customer, dealer/buyer and sales agent

Understand how Reply can help to digitize Covid-19 information procedure applied own personal data protection experience over Google technology 

  • Ask questions and hear ideas and examples directly from Google to get the most out of Google Services

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