Retail's AI Evolution

Retail's AI Evolution
Event Info
November 15, 2023
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CET

How AI is changing Retail, elevating Customer Experiences and optimising operational efficiency

We’ll explore and expand on the topics covered in the Reply SONAR report ‘Retail Forward: Harnessing AI to drive efficiency and growth’, which focusses on the major data driven trends for AI in the Retail market. 

We’ll look into the different layers of innovation that AI can bring for each of the three main application domains: Smart front-end and Shopper Conversion, Brand and Channel Experience, Smart and Automated back-end processes.

With a ‘hands on’ approach and live demonstrations of solutions developed by Reply, we will unfold the different levels of maturity within the Market and identify ready-to-deploy use cases for each of these application domains. 

Why attend

  • A brief introduction to the SONAR report and the importance of AI in Retail
  • A discussion around the role of the AI in the Retail industry and market analysis
  • Demonstrations of real use cases and applications
  • Experts Q&A

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