Revolutionizing Workplace Flexibility with the Desk Sharing App

Revolutionizing Workplace Flexibility with the Desk Sharing App
Event Info
April 13, 2023
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM CEST

Desk Sharing Booking System with Power Apps

With the help of the Microsoft Power Platform, Cluster Reply enables companies to digitize their business processes. With simple and easy-to-understand low-code approaches, customized solutions can be created, workflows automated and data visualized.

One of the Cluster Reply expert's use cases is the Desk Sharing Booking System: a Power Apps-based app that allows customers to seamlessly manage and book workstations. The app offers a range of features that help companies optimize their resource planning while keeping up with current trends such as remote working. 

Session Overview

In this session, the Cluster Reply experts take an in-depth look at the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform and show how their Desk Sharing App can help optimize business processes. 

  • Discover how to easily manage and record all of your company's resources with the Desk Sharing App.
  • Explore the benefits of the Microsoft Power Platform's low-code approach and how to customize the app to your specific needs.
  • See how the user-friendly interface of the app makes it simple to monitor and manage your company's resources.
  • Get hands-on experience with the app.


Sandra Heuer
Cluster Reply
Antonio Barros
Senior Consultant
Cluster Reply

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