Road to internet of robotic things

Road to internet of robotic things
Event Info
November 19, 2020
12:00 PM - 12:45 PM CET

Webinar Overview

How the collaboration between robots and smart objects improve your production processes and reduce costs. Increase revenues by keeping costs fixed - or increasing them at a lower percentage than revenues - or reduce costs by keeping revenues constant. These are the common methods adopted by companies to maximize profit. What smart technologies can companies support today?

Why attend

This webinar will introduce the technology of RFID smart tags and autonomous collaborative robots (AGV / AMR) with a focus on manufacturing/logistics areas. In this session we will describe the main capabilities of the 2 technologies and their technological limits, we will see the design steps necessary for their introduction and we will tell you about a real case made by Blue Reply in which the 2 technologies have been combined to optimize logistic processes and reduce costs.

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