Salesforce vs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 - The duel of the CRM champions

Salesforce vs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 - The duel of the CRM champions
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December 2, 2021
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CET

Joint webinar by Telekom and Reply

Companies that count on a CRM system inspire customers, partners and employees. In this way, they create a unique customer experience and promote a special connection between customer and business. However, many companies do not have a clear idea which CRM system is the one for their specific needs. There is also typical obstacles to look out for, which can cause difficulties when it comes to implementing CRM systems.  

Reply and Telekom are here to help overcome these obstacles and give a better understanding for these solutions.

Which CRM system to choose?

In this webinar, you see an exciting duel between the two CRM Champions, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, which will reveal their strengths and weaknesses. During this heated battle, we ask questions that our Salesforce and Dynamics experts answer, in order to discover the differences between the two champions. In addition to that, the experts give an insight into what is important in the successful implementation of a CRM solution. To round it all off, the webinar ends with an opportunity to ask questions to the two duelists.

Are you ready for the fight? We are looking forward to an exciting match!


Are you facing the question which CRM system you want to choose?

Or are you asking yourself, which is the right solution for your company? 

What you should look out for while implementing a CRM System?

The experts answer all of your questions!


With this webinar, you have the opportunity to get the most important insights so that your CRM project will be a success.


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