SAP Cloud Platform as Key to Future Enterprise Ecosystem

SAP Cloud Platform as Key to Future Enterprise Ecosystem
Event Info
October 9, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CEST

Webinar Overview

While in the past the focus was more on internal company data to optimize the value chain, the latest studies show that the integration of data from external business processes represents the next step towards the future business ecosystem and will sustainably improve the competitiveness of a company:

  • Bundle the exchange of data and information with your business partners along your value chain through one platform
  • Strengthen your business relationship with your partners by developing digital and intelligent applications to map your common business processes
  • Accelerate the handling of time and resource intensive processes
  • Promote transparency and cooperation between you and your business partners by implementing digital workflows for exchanging data with a significantly increased ROI

Key Takeaways


In this webinar the 4brands Reply experts give you impulses to think about possible scenarios and show use cases on the basis of the SAP Cloud Platform:

  • Get an overview of how you can use the SAP Cloud Platform in your company.
  • Understand business cases and their added value based on 4brands Reply’s experience.
  • Learn in our live demos how you can be one step ahead even with small applications.

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