Secure the shift to Digital Businesses through Pervasive Security

Secure the shift to Digital Businesses through Pervasive Security
Event Info
March 9, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET

About this webinar

In the process of becoming Digital Businesses, or in order to stay ahead of the competition, enterprises are interested by a continuous Digital Transformation.

This shift creates unprecedented cyber risks, and many organizations struggle to balance cybersecurity with the need to run the business.
Existing security models do not run at “business speed” and do not provide enough specialized and business-oriented support on issues like cloud-native, analytics, RPA, and APIs that are fundamental for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP).
In response to aggressive digitization, cybersecurity functions should transform their capabilities embracing the Pervasive Security approach, repositioning themselves as enablers and avoiding to become barriers to Digital Transformation.

Why attend

For security leaders: to elaborate on how to reduce the existing tension between the emerging digital-enterprise model and legacy enterprise-wide security practices.
For business and IT leaders: to elaborate on how to get rid of the misalignment between implementation and cybersecurity teams that leads to missed business opportunities, increase of new capabilities time-to-market, and unacceptable or hidden risks.

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