Serverless Computing Security

Serverless Computing Security
Event Info
October 16, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CEST

Webinar Overview

Serverless computing increases your company’s agility and innovation by allowing it to focus on delivering value to customers rather than infrastructure operations. With serverless, the infrastructure, its maintenance and its scaling are now shifted towards the cloud provider. But what about security? Can this responsibility also be shifted away? By how much?

In this webinar, Spike Reply goes through a brief introduction to serverless computing, followed by a deep dive into its security. The experts analyze how security differs in serverless compared to classical architecture, and go through the top security risks and how to best protect against them. You get a better understanding of the security challenges of serverless computing and understand how going serverless could lead to a positive effect on your company’s security posture.

Key Takeaways

As many organizations are taking their first steps in the serverless world, their security departments are facing the new challenge of going serverless. People who find themselves in a similar situation are encouraged to attend this talk to gain insights on how to tackle this challenge. They benefit from examples and recommendations on how to approach security in serverless computing.

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