Simplify Integration with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

Simplify Integration with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite
Event Info
September 25, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CEST

Webinar Overview

Do you have internal and external data you want to integrate? Do you have hybrid integration scenarios between on Premise and Cloud? Then you should take a look at SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. Use predefined iFlows to integrate your customer’s data. Use the capabilities to enhance and migrate the data. Connect to Social Media networks. Connect to web-shops.

Key Takeaways

In this webinar, the 4brands Reply experts show a use case to demonstrate the connectivity possibilities of SAP CPIS. Join this 4brands Reply Webinar and learn about:

API Business Hub

  • Discover and consume digital content packages with APIs and pre-packaged integrations (1400+) from SAP and select partners
  • Unify access to SAP and partner APIs via the SAP API Business Hub, leverage ready-to-use data model transformations and adapters, and sense and respond to business events

Open Connectors

  • Out of the box connectivity to more than 160 non-SAP cloud applications via harmonized REST APIs
  • Normalized authentication, error handling, search, pagination and bulk
  • Standardized events that support polling and webhooks

Enterprise Messaging

  • Fully managed cloud service that allows applications to communicate through asynchronous events and seamlessly extend your digital core
  • Decouple communication
  • Publish business events
  • Build event-driven extensions

Demo Cases

  • Combine Twitter and customer data
  • Integrate web shop data

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