Smart Maintenance for Industry 4.0

Smart Maintenance for Industry 4.0
Event Info
October 8, 2020
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM CEST

Smart Maintenance

Automated production systems are becoming ever more sophisticated and complex. Process efficiency and quick access to information are key points to improve on field operations. Smart Maintenance is a modular solution proposed by Reply, for Mobile devices and AR Headsets designed to support maintenance operations for industry 4.0. It is able to bring digital documentation, instructions and IoT data directly to the intervention area, speeding up the operating process conducted by technicians.

Why Attend

To understand how digital innovation supported by AR and IoT could improve the maintenance process managing from task design, through scheduling and execution up to on-site activities reporting. Proactive maintenance informed by data analysis can reduce downtime, unlike a reactive and schedule-based maintenance approach. AR technologies support broadly understood effectiveness by shortening the time of employee training – thanks to digital instructions, we learn faster and we also remember better.

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