Simple, fast and intelligent - use AI-based analyses for your decision making

July 10, 2020
from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM  

Intelligent analyses

You want to run intelligent analyses and at the same time have more time for your daily business?

When you look at your analyses, don't you often ask yourself the question: How does this outlier in my sales figures come about?
Or why do the values deviate so much from the average?

Webinar overview

In this Webinar, 4brands Reply shows you how the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) can take care of complex statistical analyses that would otherwise require a great deal of manual effort. With Smart Insight, you have a function within SAC that can help you drive your business forward.

Your analyses gain in value with the help of AI-supported procedures. This gives you a better understanding of your data and allows you to dive deeper into your analysis results and ultimately make better decisions.

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