Spatial Analytics in Supply Chain Management

Spatial Analytics in Supply Chain Management
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June 23, 2020
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM CEST

Supply Chain Analysis

Today’s supply chains are highly complex as they are globally spread. Developments like the current crisis, rapid changes in customer demand as well as remote working results in an enormous pressure on the supply chain.

Hence transparency and efficiency are required in order to respond to changing situations, eg. synchronize the worldwide supply chain with complex transport routes and respond to uncertainties caused by the current crisis. To manage these process changes by simultaneously considering the changes in costs, delivery times and product quality, see how you can automate your supply chain analysis in no time with user friendly tools Alteryx and Tableau and get transparency on your data.


In this Webinar the Blue Reply experts introduce the “Getting Started” Dashboard:

  • Learn, how you can merge your supply chain data with crisis predictions.
  • Get transparency on how the crisis impacts your delivery delays and your business in general.
  • See, how you can use Tactical Responses for rapid automation of your supply chain analysis and starts with what-if-analysis.
  • Use Strategical Response to fully optimize your supply chain with smart analytics based on data science and machine learning.

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