Strategic and Secure Introduction into Robotic Process Automation

Strategic and Secure Introduction into Robotic Process Automation
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May 7, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CEST

Robotic process automation

With RPA solutions, you can automate your most repetitive tasks and make your business and IT processes more reliable and efficient. However, not all processes are eligible for support, and moreover the process affects different business units. In addition, data security and compliance are a major concern when implementing RPA.

In this webinar we identify the main tasks involved in planning, implementing and operating RPA. We also discuss the best strategy for selecting the appropriate process, for implementing the RPA and to onboard stakeholders involved. Special focus we set on security that needs to be considered in the concept, engineering and operation phases and we present some best practices.

Key topics

The aim of the webinar held by Macros Reply and Spike Reply is to create an understanding for the efficient and targeted introduction of RPA in companies, taking into account cyber security and data protection aspects.

You learn about the benefits of an RPA implementation while being compliant and maintaining the security of data, e.g. by restricting user access to data, building a robust identity / role concept, managing RPA vulnerabilities, identifying security breaches and preventing data loss.

Key take-away of this webinar is a roadmap for the introduction of RPA, considering all necessary security aspects.

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