Survey Management in Customer Service Processes

Survey Management in Customer Service Processes
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September 9, 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

Microsoft Customer Voice

This webinar hosted by Cluster Reply will give an overview of new tool Microsoft Customer Voice for survey management, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365. After having portrayed the business context, we will dive into a sample Customer Service case study using Microsoft Customer Voice to reach the customers who contacted the customer support and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to collect their feedback about the service. Join the webinar and see how companies can leverage this solution to define their own surveys, triggers and segmentation rules on collected feedbacks.


Microsoft Customer Voice is the tool elected by Microsoft to manage customer surveys. Given the deprecation of Voice of the Customer, it has been integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create surveys and collect the feedbacks from the customers, directly connecting them to the information stored on Dynamics.

In a business world where customer perception is every day more critical, it is crucial for the companies to adopt tools that give them a real-time measure of their customers' satisfaction, related to the services provided.

Microsoft Customer Voice is a easy-to-use solution that gives you the capability of creating and managing surveys, with several types of questions shown with an eye-catching user interface, working both as a stand-alone application and integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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