Sustainability as a Service

Sustainability as a Service
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September 21, 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

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Companies became more and more sensitive to Environment Sustainability and some of them already implemented actions or they planned to do but many are still hold over being skeptic about the consequences ahead and the positive effects a program to collect, monitor and reduce CO2 emissions can bring. Effort Sharing Regulation EU Member states have binding annual greenhouse gas emission targets 2012-2030 range from 0% to -40% compared to 2005 levels.
Investors, customers and employee are more and more conscious about the topic, 81% of people believe companies are responsible for fighting climate change, 73% of customers claim they are more likely to favor socially and environmentally responsible brands, 62% of executives consider sustainability strategies necessary to be competitive today. Nonetheless 42% of the workforce is willing to work for companies that have positive impact the benefits are not limited to brand ethics and trust but they also include cost optimization and new business opportunities.

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud

Based on international standards the solution collects 1) Direct Emissions from source own or controlled by the company, 2) Indirect Emissions from energy consumption (electricity, heating or cooling systems, steam), 3) Others emissions coming from travel, waste, disposal and emissions from suppliers related to company’s activities. Once collected the data can be clustered and visualized in order to provide state of the art of the consumption aggregate for office, plan, buildings, productive site or country, providing an instant view of the progress compared to the target.
Salesforce Sustainability Cloud is not only an operational tool to achieve a sustainable goal but is also the instrument to create consensus with the company and share results progression obtained during the time. Arlanis Reply, Salesforce Platinum Partner, built a practice on Sustainability and internally adopted the solution in order collect, monitor and reduce company’s Carbon footprint.

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