Tech it Easy with... Amazon Braket

Tech it Easy with... Amazon Braket
Event Info
October 21, 2021
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Europe/London

Webinar Overview

Quantum Computing is a new and rapidly advancing field, that looks set to revolutionise the world of computing. It uses the unique laws of Quantum Mechanics to solve problems that are hard, or even impossible for classical computers. With the age of quantum supremacy fast approaching, enterprises now have an exciting opportunity to be some of the first adopters of this revolutionary technology. The Cloud can provide a platform to harness quantum computers and integrate them into the current ecosystem. 

CIOsCDOs, and technical functions recognise the central role of the cloud, and also the need to support the business by providing full access to data and analytics tools. The challenge is to extend this recognition to Quantum Computing, understand where it can help, create the expertise, and incorporate them into the business model. 

In this context AWS is investing to provide a seamless experience through Braket and, together with Data Reply, to be able to serve companies with best of breed capabilities to execute the transformation. 

This webinar has been designed to help CIOsCTOsCDOsand Heads of DataData Science and Analytics in different industries to understand how they can seamlessly plug AWS Quantum technologies into their existing ecosystem.

Why Attend

This is the last in a series of 6 webinars covering the use of AWS technologies and the success they enable, held over the previous months and now available online. 

Webinar #6 focuses on the AWS Cloud Quantum Computing serviceAmazon Braket, providing attendees with: 

  • An overview of the main features 
  • An Industry success story 
  • Best practices from industry experts  
  • A walkthrough ‘show-me-how' session  
  • A Q&A Session 

Amazon Braket is the perfect gateway to Quantum Computing for your business, offering a development environment to help create your own custom-made quantum solutions using a wide range of quantum hardware, along with AWS’s own simulators. With their accessible example notebooks and the expert help provided by their quantum solutions lab, or by partners such as Data ReplyBraket can accelerate your business’s understanding and experience with this cutting-edge technology that is fully-integrated with their cloud-computing network. 

In this webinar, learn the basic principles of quantum computing, and how to apply them with Braket to create your own quantum algorithms that can leverage the best of quantum and classical computers. 


16:00-16:05 BST – An Introduction to Data Reply 

16:05-16:20 BST – Industry Success Story 

16:20-16:50 BST – Show me how – Our practical demo! 

16:50-17:00 BST – Q&A

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