Tech it easy with.. Amazon Rekognition

Tech it easy with.. Amazon Rekognition
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September 16, 2021
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Europe/London


Cloud Technologies have never been so strong. It’s no longer just infrastructure-as-a-service, it’s a whole ecosystem able to provide out-of-the-box services. Enterprises can now accelerate their cloud and digital adoption at a pace that has never been seen before.

CIOs, CDOs, and technical functions recognise the central role of the cloud and also the need to support the business by providing full access to data and analytics tools. The urgency and the challenge is to qualify new technologies, understand where they can help, create the expertise, integrate them into the current ecosystem, and drive the business forward.

In this context AWS is investing to provide a seamless experience through their services and, together with Data Reply, to be able to serve companies with best of breed capabilities to execute the transformation.

This webinar has been designed to help CIOs, CDOs, Heads of Data, Data Science and Analytics in different industries to understand how they can plug AWS technologies into their existing ecosystem, or design a completely new Data & Analytics-cloud-first adoption.


This is the fifth of a series of 6 webinars covering the use of AWS technologies and the success behind them, to be held over the coming months.

Webinar #5 focuses on how to get a tangible return with computer vision using Amazon Rekognition, providing attendees with:

  • An overview of main features
  • A success case in a real environment scenario
  • Best practices from industry experts
  • A walkthrough show-me-how session
  • Opportunity to ask questions

AWS Rekognition offers a range of prebuilt computer vision models to address a variety of use cases such as object & scene detection, face recognition & analysis, text recognition and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) detection. Also, through the use of the Custom Labels feature, users can train their own deep learning models in a simple way. Nonetheless, Rekognition natively integrates with other AWS services such as S3 and Lambda, and provides programmatic access to its users through its Python API. During the webinar we will show how we’ve used Rekognition to classify digital assets for compliance reasons, by automatically cropping images and labelling them based on their class.


16.00-16.05 BST: An introduction to Data Reply 

16.05-16.20 BST: Industry success story 

16.20-16.50 BST: Show me how - Our practical demo!

16.50-17.00 BST: Q&A

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